"Absence, in contrast to the grandeur of the works in an essay of emptiness, depicts a collection of pocket-sized found photographs and dated snapshots,, all of which have been reworked.


Cast in clay and plaster, bleached and then repainted, the fragility of these photographs and their subsequent memories have all been but exhausted, in hope of pushing the physical qualities of the photograph to its limit.


All of the images originally centred around people, but have since been expertly removed, leaving only a bit of lens flare here, and a shadow there.  The result is poignant. These photographs, by the time they reached my hands, had already lost their significance. Separated from their subjects, and from the people who knew them, they are lost memories.


Time has now closed in on them and erased them entirely."


2 0 0 8  -  2 0 1 9