At the heart lies something which is not there: the human being. People are conspicuous by their absence in a myriad of abandoned rooms and vacant spaces called an essay of emptiness. There is no furniture.  There are no telephones connected to the phone points.  All connections to humanity, save a few bumps, stains and scrapes on the wallpaper, are gone.   Faded motifs and patterns help carry and record the histories of the past.  The vacant interiors are redolent of anonymity and solitude; light reaches in from beyond a half-seen window, but there is no-one for it to reveal; no small human drama for it to touch. Instead, it creeps across the worn floorboards and falls into the cracks and splinters in the dado rails. 

An essay of emptiness plays between the realm of what is real and what is photographed.  Some of the works may suspend in isolation at the top of a staircase, where wooden floorboards beneath the viewer mirror those in the photograph. One may find themselves looking at a photograph of a wall, mounted on a wall, at a similar distance in each.  They invite us to stare, to look and to listen, and although there may be a disconnection to the real world, it is through their photographic representation that we are able to re-enter and re-animate these spaces with our own conscience.  Although it’s impossible to put your finger on how or where digital manipulation has touched the surface, the result is uncanny. It’s either the unnaturally high point of view, or some digital sleight of hand, but you can become rather disembodied as you stare into these spaces.

My aim is not to record specific places; in fact I daren't give clues as to where these spaces belong, or whether they exist in only our mind. Some suggest historical stately homes, others might be the house of a person just deceased, the room stripped of all but a carpet past its use by date.  Either way, the people for whom these rooms were significant have gone, and what remains has lost the meaning it once had.  Instead, the works in this series make possible an opportunity to re-enter these spaces, navigate their corridors and re-animate them, however cautiously.  They invite us to behave, act and engage in a realm that exists only between reality and a state of now un-belonging, and it is here where photography reveals its true genius; between reality and fiction.

An essay of emptiness

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